So men, now it is your chance to shine. If you haven’t already you are going to get a list of things to do around the house. It’s time to rise up and release the MultiSkilled Artisan that is inside of you and be a champion. Here are a few ideas to get you started that will get you going but you must start now, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE, it will all

Light fittings

Starting from one side of the house, go to each light fitting in each room and do the following: ⁃ Turn the switch off ⁃ Remove the bulb/s from the light fitting and place it in a safe place ( Not in your pocket) If the light fitting has a cover or diffuser then you will have to remove it. ⁃ Take a damp cloth and give the light fitting a wipe all around, removing all cobwebs, dirt and insects (Outside casing, inside the reflector, glass diffuser, etc) Make sure the light fitting is clean and sparkling inside and out. ⁃ Replace the lamp with an energy saver lamp or LED where possible and replace the cover or diffuser if removed. ⁃ Turn the switch on to test. ⁃ Clean up the area you worked on and move on to the next room. If you have an ES lamp (Edison screw bulb like in the ceiling fan and it is prone to get stuck when you try to remove it, use a little Spray and Cook on the bulb thread. It is heat resistant and will keep the two metals of the bulb and the holder from fussing